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Now, Chloe is not the first brand I chose to visit as new collections arrive. Not because I don’t like it, because I have to like a minimum of 5 looks for me to actually want to write about the collection. Chloe has been a solid 3-4 like looks from my side but with time, the brand has developed into something I’m quite fond of. I really love the styling, shots and the colors. Great job!





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I enjoy sneakers. I do. But I never find the sneaks I like. Either crazy Rick Owens chunky ones or sleek high tops like these from Saint Laurent. I’ve seen these shoes for ages now, never really payed attention to the black high tops until I saw this pic on a tumblr. Think I have to try them on, very soon.

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Creative, minimal and smart are some of the words that pop into our minds as we think about Scandinavian jewelry design. Recently customized jewelry has become more and more popular in the Scandinavian jewelry scene.

I sat down with Michelle, designer and co-founder of the American brand The Hatters, during her brief visit in Oslo, Norway. We wanted to know why she has taken a Scandinavian approach to designing and her view on the differences between the US market and the Scandinavian.

The Hatters is founded by Stephen Davis and Michelle Kim and consists of handcrafted gold and silver jewelry from their headquarters in California, USA. Though the brand is 100% American, the style is inevitably Scandinavian, with clean lines, sleek design and wit. Michelle and Stephen met when they were both in college, studying psychology. After graduation both Michelle and Stephen realized that what they really wanted to do was something far away from psychology. Stephen started learning more and more about the business side to owning a brand and Michelle continued exploring with metals, techniques and design.

MH: What is it about customized jewelry that makes you tick?

MK: When I started making customized jewelry, there wasn’t really a market for it. You could customize anything, except for gold jewelry. I wanted to create something different and timeless. I’ve always been interested in fashion, but fashion fades. I always loved how accessories can complete an outfit and that they tend to stay with you for a longer period of time than any trend piece would.

MH: California is far away from Norway, why did you come all the way up here?

MK: The Hatters are becoming more and more popular in the Scandinavian market and I wanted to visit and see it for myself. Norway is exciting and I feel very inspired here. It’s also nice to see what kind of jewelry people are wearing, it gives me more of an in-depth view of the market.

MH: Why did you choose the name, The Hatters?

MK: The name – The Hatters, comes from Alice in Wonderland. There’s a scene in Alice in Wonderland where The Hatter celebrates an un-birthday, which can be celebrated on any of the remaining 364 days of the year. I want it to be a celebration and a way for you to express yourself, says Michelle.

MH: What do you think is the Scandinavian jewelry design norm and how have you incorporated this in your own line?

MK: I think Scandinavia does a great job of keeping designs simple and clean. As a jewelry designer, I have always appreciated simplifying designs and paying attention to the smallest details. I like keeping all my jewelry designs very minimal, delicate and modern. Less is more.

MH: The Hatters has a distinct Scandinavian vibe to it. Was it all a coincidence or on purpose?

MK: Having a Scandinavian style was definitely a coincidence. When I started making jewelry, I wanted my jewelry line to resemble my personal style. At the time, I didn’t see many jewelry pieces on the market that embodied a delicate and minimal style that I was looking for. From the minute we launched, bloggers and customers all over the world picked up on it, especially in Scandinavia. That’s when we found out that my designs have a very Scandinavian-esque style to it.

MH: What are the main differences between the Scandinavian jewelry market and the American jewelry market?

MK: I would say that the Scandinavian market appreciates more of the handcrafted and quality aspect of jewelry more-so than the US market.

Social media plays an important role in the success of The Hatters. Loved by editors, celebrities and industry professionals – Michelle stays on top of her media outlets and controls all of them herself. I always like to be in contact with my clients, people think that The Hatters are a huge production, when it’s really just me replying your order and producing your order by hand and shipping it to you, says Michelle

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Kind of obsessing over these fur coats by Mariette. I felt like a total rock star.

Next stop: Copenhagen Fashion Week. So excited, a bit nervous and very stressed. Excited cause I get to go with my amazing job, but also nervous since my schedule is overbooked to the max. But I’m not complaining. If there’s any time left I really wanna see the Virgil Abloh Exhibit and Glypoteket.

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Let’s talk ballet.


So unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 3 years, you’d know that ballet has all the sudden become a popular fitness routine for long sleek muscles. Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers seems to be what everyone’s doing. As Net-a-porter recently launched their new sporty sister site; Net-a-sporter, The Ballet Beautiful collection was quickly released on the new site.

I was an active ballerina for 11 years myself and can tell you if anyones really wondering. Yes you do get long and sleek muscles and yes you can shape your body with ballet. But it takes time, and by that I mean – it’s nothing like running 10km to shred some weight. We’re talking months or even years of hard training. You really have to use your core and be explosive and graceful at the same time to work up a sweat. If that makes any sense… Ballet is truly the perfect cardio x resistance workout.

The collection was perfectly organized for practice and training. Everything you need to dance. All garments are super fitted as they should be. Beautiful wrap-jackets and leotards. I remember always wearing my wrap-jackets as cardigans for school. The only downside, and this is just me being picky. Soft slippers usually don’t come with silk ribbons and if so, you’re meant to stitch them up yourself.

Saint Laurent Moujik



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Found this bag over at Saint Laurent. So in love with the black and camel mix.. Anyways, the bag is named after Yves Saint Laurent’s dog – Moujik. I love how you can look at names and prints of the Hedi-period and find them in the Saint Laurent Archives (for instance the lip print from last season). Need this bag though.