Biggest fashion moment of 2014



Craig Greens show is by far one of the most moving and emotional collections I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry if you don’t get it. But the entire fashion industry seems to agree on this. This is one of the strongest and most rebellious collections in a long time. God I wish to own something.




Some collaborations are too good. CDG + NIKE (probably two of my favorite brands) coming together and making the cutest low sneakers. Even though this collaboration is old news, I think it’s funny how the two brands remain timeless apart and timeless together. Favorite shoe at the moment for sure.




I rarely do beauty posts so I decided that it was about time I showed you my updated beauty routine. I love beauty, I really do. Everything from creams, serums, cleansers, toners, masks, peels – you name it. It’s my secret addiction. So whenever I discover something new, well I tend to be kind of frantic about it. I always carefully try out products for at least 2 months so my skin can adapt to the new changes in my existing routine. I recently moved to London and boy has that made a serious impact on my skin. I always opt for the dewy, fresh look. London has made my sometimes oily skin, dry and flaky. This is a completely new thing for me.

My latest obsessions and ultimate rescure kit for tired, dull, flaky, dry and grey-ish skin is the four items above. My Embryolisse Embryoderme moisturizer, which helps fight the early signs of aging and dullness. Aesop face cleanser, if you’ve every tried Aesop the chances of you coming back are pretty high. They really have the most amazing products. A new favorite of mine is Hydraluron, which is an acid that binds moisture to the skin. Essentially: Bringing the moisturizer deeper into the skin.

Finally my latest obsession is the Clarisonic Aria. You’ve might already have heard about these electronic systems for your skin? Well I was super sceptic, and really wanted to give the Clarisonic a try. I’ve now used the Clarisonic for 2 months and have never had smoother, clearer, brighter or more even skin. The Aria requires 1 minute (!!!) a week and cleans more than 6 times as good as a standard hand-to-face wash will. It removes dirt, make-up and dead skin cells. But my favorite part is the exfoliation that leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean and flushed. I may have found a life partner in Clarisonic Aria.

(The post is in collaboration with Clarisonic)

Barbara I Gongini


Undeniably one of my favorite collections of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Barbara I Gongini, what a beautiful soul you are.

I’ve always said that wearing color is easy, black is a totally different story. Color is symmetry, calculations and balance. Black on the other hand requires depth, hue study, layering, structure and motion. Since there’s no color? The focus is right back where it should be – on the actual garment. Here I think Barbara is a true genius. It’s layered, dark and intense. Yet weirdly soothing for the eye. I had the chance to meet Barbara for a quick chat after the show. I have so many favorite looks, there’s not enough room for it in a blog post. The interview is up on now!

I’m so sorry for being a bad blogger! I recently moved to London and therefore I’ve been super busy with settling in. I swear I’ll change, I’ll change, I swear!











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Now, Chloe is not the first brand I chose to visit as new collections arrive. Not because I don’t like it, because I have to like a minimum of 5 looks for me to actually want to write about the collection. Chloe has been a solid 3-4 like looks from my side but with time, the brand has developed into something I’m quite fond of. I really love the styling, shots and the colors. Great job!





Picture borrowed from Pinterest.

I enjoy sneakers. I do. But I never find the sneaks I like. Either crazy Rick Owens chunky ones or sleek high tops like these from Saint Laurent. I’ve seen these shoes for ages now, never really payed attention to the black high tops until I saw this pic on a tumblr. Think I have to try them on, very soon.