Let’s talk ballet.


So unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 3 years, you’d know that ballet has all the sudden become a popular fitness routine for long sleek muscles. Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers seems to be what everyone’s doing. As Net-a-porter recently launched their new sporty sister site; Net-a-sporter, The Ballet Beautiful collection was quickly released on the new site.

I was an active ballerina for 11 years myself and can tell you if anyones really wondering. Yes you do get long and sleek muscles and yes you can shape your body with ballet. But it takes time, and by that I mean – it’s nothing like running 10km to shred some weight. We’re talking months or even years of hard training. You really have to use your core and be explosive and graceful at the same time to work up a sweat. If that makes any sense… Ballet is truly the perfect cardio x resistance workout.

The collection was perfectly organized for practice and training. Everything you need to dance. All garments are super fitted as they should be. Beautiful wrap-jackets and leotards. I remember always wearing my wrap-jackets as cardigans for school. The only downside, and this is just me being picky. Soft slippers usually don’t come with silk ribbons and if so, you’re meant to stitch them up yourself.

Saint Laurent Moujik



Photo: Borrowed from Saint Laurent

Found this bag over at Saint Laurent. So in love with the black and camel mix.. Anyways, the bag is named after Yves Saint Laurent’s dog – Moujik. I love how you can look at names and prints of the Hedi-period and find them in the Saint Laurent Archives (for instance the lip print from last season). Need this bag though.



My Saturdays are usually spent in jeans and sweatshirts. I have a little closet rule and that is to never own sweatpants – sweatshirts are fun and cool, but pants? No. It’s a #hellobutno relationship for me. Last saturday I strolled around in my heeled sandals, COS jeans, secondhand blazer and hoodie. The hoodie and blazer combo reminds me a lot of 2003/2004. Everyone sold them pre-made, do you remember? Or is that just something that happened all over Scandinavia?  Anyways – I love a good relaxed look. I have so much exciting news coming and have a feeling this summer will be far from relaxed…


Eau Mohèli


Everyone in my circle knows that I’m somewhat obsessed with perfumes. No matter what I’m going to buy, I always smell it first. It might sound weird, but I think a thick knit should smell like the sheep in the shire and the leather jacket should smell like whisky nights on the back of a motorcycle. When it comes to perfumes I’m especially attracted to floral, woody, musk, black violet, cashmeran and warm white amber. That’s what fragrantica.com says about my three perfumes of choice, Byredo Black Saffron, Thierry Mugler Alien and Diptyque Eau Mohèli.

I remember my dad used to wear this Hugo Boss scent. It was super prominent and a very in-your-face type of scent. A kind of perfume you recognize easily simply cause it’s special and different. I like that, remembering people by smell, feeling and action. Not looks, color and shape. It makes them more real, more vivid.




Azzedine Alaïa Sandals via Browns Fashion - Aquazzura Amazon Suede Lace Up Sandals via Browns Fashion - Isabel Marant Paw Sandals via Mytheresa 

Remember what? Two years ago, when strappy stiletto sandals were to it-thing to own? Well, I kind of fell in love with them all again after seeing the Isabel Marant shoe above in camel. Azzedine is probably one of my favorite designers and his iconic laser-cut belts and shoes are a true favorite of mine. The fresh, yet popular Aquazzura is still a popular choice and a favorite of mine. This summer, I want lace up sandals (again)

Altuzarra Resort 2015










Pictures borrowed from Style.com 

Now there’s no secret that I LOOOOVE Altuzarra. Joseph works HARD and it shows in his collections. Always developing and never it seems to fail. Only 30 years old and has his niche and ideal woman/client set? Wow, that’s something I admire. I feel like I can relate to the Altuzarra woman on many levels and aspire to be her on so many other levels. Rarely do I love EVERYTHING in a collection, Altuzarra might be the first one in (my) history for that. Wow… I’m actually lost for words. Bravo Joseph, Bravo! (and congrats on the CFDA!)