Mardou&Dean A/W 14


– The silhouette is definitely more tailored this time. We wanted to make a collection that you instantly feel connected to.

Since 2007, when designers Patrik Rosenfors and Ingrid Bredholt presented their very first denim collection, the small jeans brand has developed into the steady and recognizable Mardou&Dean, which is now offering a full ready-to-wear collection for men and women. Their remarkable success is to be seen all over Norway, and the secret lies in the garment and how they make you feel. Mardou&Dean’s collections evolve gracefully each season with new creative elements such as shoes and scarves, and the A/W 14 is no exception.

An enthralling performance by Ledfoot opens the show. Music and clothes signalizes an equivalent feeling to the spectators. Gothic blues mixed with the strong, confident woman and the powerful, modern man. Music has always been a clear sartorial influence and with the music pounding through the infamous industrial location of the evening we were all suddenly relocated to CBGBs in 1975.

Their latest line was dichotomized – clever move as the main focus was drawn to each collection and not the clash of gender. Several pieces were replicated in the collection, creating a cross-path between men and women’s wear to achieve the wanted androgynous look.


Written by Madeleine Holth for SVA Magazine

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