Nicklas Kunz S/S 15


SVA Magazine at CPHFW. The Grand Theatre, located in the middle of Copenhagen, quickly filled up with supporters and fans of Nicklas Kunz. All eager to see the what the designer had in store for S/S 15. The collection, named Legendary Hoodlum, consisted of strong hip hop references and had a clear purpose of taking us back in time with street wear staples like luxe sweat, high socks, hoods, mesh and jersey. The music matched perfectly to the collection with tracks by Freddie Gibbs, Notorious B.I.G and Kendrick Lamar.

Nicklas Kunz played with his own logo and name, creating a fun, modern and sporty collection. Elements like the dropped crotch, ball shorts and stripes created a flashback to the hip hop scene in the 90′s shown tastefully and uplifting. The designer presented one of his strongest collections to date; a dynamic menswear line inspired by the Nordic streets. His love for constructed items is mixed perfectly with the sportswear aspect of the collection and his unorthodox approach to menswear.

As a breaking element of the collection, Kunz showed leather detailing, Macleod tartan, cord and pinstriped wool. He impressed the audience with strong visuals and a wearable collection. Legendary Hoodlum is undeniably ready for the Scandinavian street wear market.

– Mr. Don and his crew creeping along the park. Summer hits the town, the sun cooking the crowded pavements, its pale light dividing the city. Darker souls remain, seeking sinister opportunities. Envy and betrayal are running high in this forlorn town. As temperatures rise, we catch up with our kind urban warrior, pressing on, blocks fading in his shadow.

He paused for none. Stride on.

Read more about the collection here.
Written by Madeleine Holth for SVA Magazine


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