This is the future


The collaboration between UP and F5 is becoming a regular main event during the fashion week season. The collaboration works as a window for new talents to showcase their skills at Norway’s fashion industry conference of 2014, Norwegian Fashion Hub – Needlework and Technology.

Norwegian Fashion Hub is a technology and design meets craftsmanship conference and network arena for the industry professionals. The event is initiated by The Norwegian Fashion Institute, The City of Oslo and Innovation Norway. The industry is growing rapidly and NFH (Norwegian Fashion Hub) opens the doors to the industry for discussions, workshops, exhibitions and conferences.

– NFH has been a project in development for years, we want NFH to be an event where the fashion and textile industry join forces to elaborate, discuss and share experiences, says Gisle Mardal, project manager of NFH.

–This is an interdisciplinary industry and it relies on many individual careers; all in need of teamwork and networking.  The title for this year’s conference is Needlework & Technology – we’re bringing all segments of the industry together under one roof. Sharing our proficiency and experience is key when it comes to moving forward, explains Mardal.

The conference work as a platform where international and domestic speakers share their knowledge on sustainability, fashion business and the future of retail and technology.

SVA reached out to three designers showcasing one look from their upcoming collection.

Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen
– My contribution for this years UP is an extension of the previous season- a continuation of my fascination with the beauty of the forgotten, out-lived mundane everyday surroundings.
SVA:  What are your future plans?
AKT: I will launch my web-shop very soon and I’ll remain residency in London.
SVA: Why do you think fashion is still not fully considered an art form in Norway?
AKT: I don’t know much about the debate around fashion being considered an art form or not in Norway now, which is a good thing. I think there are many factors that have to be questioned and reworked for Norway to slowly build up its fashion identity. The framework is under construction and it’s very interesting to be a part of its development.


Written by Madeleine Holth for SVA Magazine

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