F5 Line-up




F5 from New York to Oslo

The F5-collective has been showing Norwegian brands in New York for the past two seasons, as well as exhibiting Norwegian brands at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair in Denmark. This season, they chose to do a show in their own habitat, using their own store and showroom as the venue.“We think it’s very important for Norwegian brands to focus on the international markets, and we are going to continue to promote Norwegian fashion internationally. That being said, we are very happy that Oslo Runway was visited by press and buyers from all over the world this season. This is very promising for Norwegian designers, as well as for Oslo as a fashion destination” –Benjamin Krystad Marthinsen, F5 co-founder.

F5 was founded by brothers Emil, Benjamin and Alexander Krystad Marthinsen. The idea was to create a platform for Norwegian design, consisting of a store that only stocks Norwegian brands, an agency for national and international sales, public relations and a co-working space for designers. Almost three years have gone by since they opened the store, studio and showroom; the three founders are very happy to be working with

Oslo Runway this season to promote Norwegian brands and designers.“Collaboration is a vital part of the F5 DNA, and we are very pleased with the results of this particular collaboration with Oslo Runway. We are already looking forward to the new season” –Alexander Krystad Marthinsen, F5 co-founder.

In the collaborative spirit of F5, the show this season included four different brands. Menswear label GRAA, designed by F5 co-founder Benjamin Krystad Marthinsen and Filip Wibe, showed a collection inspired by minerals, dominated by materials such as denim and wool knits. Christina Ledang, one of the first designers to move into the F5’s co-working space, showed a collection of elegant, yet very wearable dresses, oversized coats and chunky knitwear. ARCT., designed by the other half of the founding members of F5, Emil and Alexander Krystad Marthinsen, showed a collection dominated by leather and wool, with a focus on layering and shapes. AÙMA, designed by F5-veterans Gloria Aùma and Magne Risnes, did yet another collection of original, understated and wearable pieces, many of them gender neutral.


Text co-written by Karen Elieson & Madeleine Holth for SVA Magazine
Photography by Martine Stenberg

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