For CIFF Raven at Copenhagen fashion week, Samuel Ross of A-COLD-WALL* took the wraps off his latest installation, which included juxtaposed furniture and clothing from his “Summary” collection.Speaking on his use of these two media, Ross noted “I don’t really see these talking points as separate — to me they are both limbs of the A-COLD-WALL* body, and this ties back to design as one idea. Learning and studying mentors such as Vignelli and Stark instilled me with a fearless but considered approach to creating.” The exhibition is enclosed in clear plastic, and inflated with air to create an artificial storm within the space. Further explaining the concept, Ross mentioned “As the walls move, so do the garments. Plastic has no life, but when its presented as a fabric it lends the plastic movement and life. It’s a complete experience where the audio is recorded and played by me, and the exhibition is in constant movement.”

This is not Samuel’s first time attending CIFF, as he previously assisted Virgil Abloh on not one, but two OFF-WHITE exhibitions.

“I actually assisted Virgil for two OFF-WHITE installations at CIFF, it feels as though putting in 10,000 hours into design is finally coming to fruition. There have been sleepless nights and an insane amounts of sacrifice over the past seven years, but more than anything I’m grateful that these ideas are able to dissolve and reach others,” says Ross. Previous exhibitioners at CIFF Raven include Virgil Abloh, JJJJound, Blackfist, and 424.

A-COLD-WALL* has been around a little over a year, but has made quite the name for itself in the streetwear scene as a fresh, youthful presence that brings a strong identity and an artistic approach to the existing system. Naturally, Samuel Ross has a clear vision as to how the brand should be perceived, “I think A-COLD-WALL* represents a new way of explaining and articulating ideas, which is less rigid, and much more fluid. This ability to move through media and fields, I think that’s what grabs peoples attention.”

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