An Open Letter to Barbara i Gongoni

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS17, August 11th 2016

Barbara I Gongini is the mother of all things dark in the Scandinavian landscape of avant-gardism. She reigns, conquers and promotes the choice to think, act and live differently. Her SS17 collection was just that, something different. Even in the darkest hours of the Nordic night, Barbara shed some much needed light and romanticism through the darkness, promoting a new hope for the forthcoming season.

Her collection was showcased in a worn-down industrial factory—the cracks in the concrete below us worked as a reminder that throughout Scandinavia’s beautiful and idyllic scenery, there’s still honesty and realness to be found. No one in the Scandinavian region works as well with on-body and off-body as Barbara. She infused volume through thick tactile fabrics and sheer broken down knits, empowering the gender-neutral client and the faithful Barbara I Gongini follower. Overalls and applique in crinkled white fabric appeared like clouds before our eyes. There is just something so mesmerising about Barbara.

To the naked eye, Barbara I Gongini’s SS17 collection appears violent, juxtaposed with the heart pumping techno in our ears—but the collection is far from that. It’s romantic and poetic, tactile and functional. She remains genuine and open, staying true to her identity while not being the slightest bit predictable. Destroying and reworking modern classics to fit her ideal has been a signature for Barbara since the brand’s birth in 2005, and she is nowhere near her breaking point. There’s great light to be found in the darkest places of Barbara I Gongini’s creative mind.


Written by Madeleine Holth for Nero Journal.

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