From a Russian bunker with love.

Nero Journal continues to look into the current cultures of fashion, casting a light on Darkdron. Originally founded in a Russian bunker, owner and creative director, Gio Forcible has taken his brand past the presence and into the future of fashion. Darkdron couldn’t be a more appropriate response to the current fashion system, where functionality is becoming more valuable than history and luxury.

Darkdron’s SS17 collection titled UNWELCOME comes across as this rebellious take on the work wear/street wear genre, childhood memories and eastern European youth culture, like a modern day activist only embroidered, padded and chained together. Nero Journal talks with Gio from Darkdron about his influences when creating the most unwelcoming collection of SS17.

“There are different things, I don’t take inspirations so seriously. I think it’s just a mood. The collections is all about being unwelcome this is why there is a girl with open legs, she won’t fuck you because you are unwelcome. I used the number 13, referencing Friday 13th and then there are the two letters DD on a hockey shirt as that reminds me of a juggalo face. Finally there is another version of the Darkdron logo inspired by an obituary” says Gio

Thick and tangible surfaces are mixed with tracksuits, fleece sweat and pyjama/boxer ensembles, all held together by this overwhelming feeling of borrowing things that are not a part of your own identity. Accompanied by the face of WWE’s Undertaker, sequins and embroidery. This concept runs through the collection giving it depth as well as making it wearable in a real life scenario. Work wear classics and hardware accessories join forces and creates this gap between fashion and function — it couldn’t be more satisfying to watch.

“It’s a mix of a lot of things that are part of my personal life, but this is what people do I guess” -Gio

There’s an underlying feeling of military forces and dominance while analysing and interpreting this collection. Which is strange, because the collection also comes across as this rebellious anarchy driven mental state you can see in the eyes of outlaws? Darkdron draws the line, and crosses it with pleasure. It’s without a doubt the brand to watch, wear and follow for SS17.


Written by: Madeleine Holth for NERO Journal

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