An introduction to Common Projects


Common Projects has quickly become a pioneer and reached somewhat of a legend status when it comes to timeless and classic footwear. The brand was established in 2004 by art director Prathan Poopat and creative consultant Flavio Girolami, 12 years later — the brand is more popular than ever.

Poopat and Girolami both have significant experience from fashion which in a way makes them the perfect duo. One is a creative consultant and one is an art director, together they specialise in high quality, minimalistic and effortless footwear in the most pristine Italian quality. Poopat used to be a V Magazine art director and together with Girolami they revolutionised the under developed premium footwear range across the globe.


GQ named Common Projects Achilles ”Sneaker of the Year” twice. 

You might have already noticed but all Common Projects shoes are stamped with gold numbers, these indicate style number, size and colour — the brand keeps packaging and branding at a minimal, taking a step from it’s competitors on the shoe shelf like Adidas, Nike and New Balance.


Both Girolami and Poopat have been long term sneaker connoisseurs and their relationship goes back 26 years. According to Business of Fashion, Stan Smiths, Air Jordan 1s and Chuck Taylors were their go-to models, which later provided the inspiration for some of their own footwear.


The idea of creating a sleek and elegant shoe that works for everyday life and formal settings was just what the guys needed as well as the rest of the world.

Their first collection; ”Achilles by Common Projects” launched in 2014 in white, grey and black. Today the collection has expanded while still remaining true to its natural and original roots. Classic and minimalistic – while still being contemporary and wearable. Still hand-stitched and a modern day icon.

Written by Madeleine Holth for YME

Photos: Akam1k3

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