Stone Island – A legend, not a rookie


Stone Island is to some consumers a new product, a new brand and a new hype – Thanks to Skepta, Drake, Travis Scott and the general UK Grime scene. Stone Island or Stoney as it’s referred to by millennials is nothing new — the roots are deeper than you think


Stone Island founded by Massimo Osti in 1982. The brand was an offspring of Osti’s mainline C.P. Company. Stone Island quickly became a specialist in surface treatments and dyeing techniques. Osti left the brand in 1994, Stone Island is today run by GFT under the creative direction of Carlo Rivetti.


Stone Island was first adapted by the Paninaro youth scene in Italy in the 80s, a culture highly inspired by Americana, a culture that also included sporty Italian brands and logos. So how did Stone Island go from being an Italian street hype to becoming a British streetwear must-have? Football. Stone Island was in fact introduced to the Brits through football and international football supporters, the famous Stone Island cards became increasingly popular in the UK and is today even considered British while the brand is in fact Italian.


Stone Island is a casual brand with inventive designs priced at a worthy price point – especially when taking fabrics, design and details into consideration. Even though Stone Island draws strong connotations to hooliganism, they are in fact pioneers and trailblazers when discussing innovation and fabrics — just look at their collaboration with Supreme. They produced a windbreaker that changes colour depending on temperature.


The famous signature of Stone Island is the compass patch and can always be found on the upper part of the left arm. Stone Island is without a doubt one of the most iconic logos in the streetwear scene, but might also be one of the most underrated ones. Today, Stone Island can be spotted on the biggest rappers, producers and even still the hooligans raging in the streets of London. The brand is continuously researching new techniques and ideas regarding fabrics and innovative use of fibre.

Photos: Akam1k3 & Stone Island

Written by Madeleine Holth for YME Universe

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