A man’s survival guide for winter

Winter is coming and the Scandinavian’s relationship with the cold is best described as a love/hate relationship. YME looks at the most important pieces for surviving the long cold winter ahead.


Scandinavians know that layering is the ultimate tip when it comes to surviving long days out in the cold weather, layers of fine merino wool turtlenecks on top of thicker knitted jumpers topped with synthetic shelled down-coats, hiking boots, a scarf, gloves and a beanie — these are the combinations we want to wear as we make it through the coming winter months.



Scarves are not just for practical use these days, brands like Gosha Rubchinskiy, Holzweiler and Tom Wood have taken the scarf-game to the next level, these brands have wrapped functional wools and modern design into key pieces for the coming season. It’s not just about beating the cold and feeling warm, it’s about looking good while you’re doing it.


Gloves are a key factor and a true necessity for the Scandinavian weather, looking at brands like Y-3 and Hestra – both offer long lasting, flexible and timeless styles that will keep your hands warm aside from just looking good. A Scandinavian brand dating back to 1936 like Hestra is someone we trust when gearing up for winter.


There’s so many beanies on the market, it seems like every brand has a version of the classic knitted beanie. Our best tip is to find the perfect fit and then choose your favourite style in two or three colours for variation. Simplicity usually beats quick passing trends. Beanies in grey, black and blue are here to stay and especially in soft cashmere.




Layering is important for footwear too as far as socks go and just because they’re tucked away in a thick tactile boot all day doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Look at Gosha Rubschinskyi’s socks, colourful without screaming for attention. But undoubtably, the most important footwear tip for surviving winter is getting a thicker sole to lift you up and off the ground. Hiking boots, lace ups and thick gum-soled sneakers are the perfect shoes for the next few months.


We have selected some of our favourite shoes for Autumn Winter that are all available in-store and online right now, check out our selected favourites here! (embedded link to Shoes for Any Weather)




Knits are probably the most noteworthy and important thing when it comes to beating the cold to the curb. It doesn’t matter wether you’re street or clean cut, knits are everywhere. Our best pick for winter is layering a finely knitted base with a thicker shirt or hoodie on top — providing full isolation from the cold.


Tip: layer a fine knit merino wool turtle neck close to your body, the fibres are fine and prevent cold from penetrating through you clothes without adding too much volume on your silhouette.


We’re seeing a lot of technical knits in the streetwear section as well, our best selection and safest bet for the forthcoming season is without a doubt the black turtleneck, shown above layered with another knit on top.






Surviving the winter isn’t just about making it through the winter, its about looking good through out. Choosing the perfect every day parka can be quite the challenge, our tip is to stay away from wild logos and crazy colours. Brands like Woolrich and Our Legacy has offered some of our favourite parkas for 2016 all in minimalist designs, with eye-catching detailing.


Choose colour palettes you can work with on a daily basis and layer up!


Written by Madeleine Holth for YME Universe / Photo: Patrik Arvidsson

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