American brand Alyx has made it’s way into our hearts and closets over the past season. Nero looks to designer Matthew M. Williams for inspiration as autumn winter 2016 approaches rapidly.

Alyx is young but more importantly wise — the AW16 collection is without a doubt his most impressive yet. Williams offers us a peek through his mind and identity as he transforms and breaks all barriers of design — giving us something we’ve never seen. The most rebellious form of expression in fashion is exactly what he’s doing.

The collections appears as a reinterpreted symphony of familiar elements known to streetwear, punk, avant-gardism and leisurewear — but should in no way be capsuled into a category. This is what Williams does best, elevating familiar elements of culture into something new and mesmerising.

Glistening latex layered with wall street tailoring and chains form a bond as the collection appears to be a strong and contemporary take on the cultures surrounding us. Reworked shirts, gothic prints, thick broken knits commands respect and brings momentum and substance in this AW16 take on a modern wardrobe. Frayed hemlines and volume has become somewhat of a signature from a critics point of view — but it’s in no way predictable as Williams continues do evolve with the brand making new changes to his ideal woman, muse and client.

Alyx AW16 is in its most sincere and respectful way a middle finger to the current system and norm, a brand we will continue to follow in the seasons to come.


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