Camouflage used in fashion


Camouflage print was originally created during the twentieth century to make the military less visible to the enemy. The word “camouflage” (from a French expression meaning “puffing smoke”) refers to a process of evading visual detection through some combination of blend-in coloration, cryptic patterning, and blurring of the silhouette. Used by predators and prey alike, camouflage is all about gaining a survival edge in situations of conflict.

” I love the idea of the sartorial mix of fatigues and a great blazer. Camo is almost like a solid. It is the perfect uniform, you can wear camo in any application, and it is always right”, said Nick Wooster to Complex Magazine. 


Different versions of camouflage can be seen in various colours and shapes executed by so many brands, it’s one of the most adapted prints in fashion, without considering animal print. Streetwear brands like Bape, Supreme, Carhartt and Stone Island all have their version of the iconic and recognisable print. It’s one of the easiest things to wear, and goes with pretty much everything. Why choose camouflage? It’s timeless and classic without being boring or square.


– The print has also made a significant global impact on subcultures and the way they dress, heavily rooted in hip-hop culture and streetwear, but let’s not forget techno and punk too. 


Even high-end brands like Prada, Saint Laurent and Valentino have used this print in their collections, either to accentuate a trend, or having the print as a key element in the collection – Camo is and will always be in trend, we see it reoccurring time after time, both in the high-end segment as well as in the low-end segment. Creative geniuses like Andy Warhol, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs and Giorgio Armani have all used the print. Even if it’s used mainly as an international and domestic uniform, signifying ones belonging to the military forces — camouflage is in fact for everyone, men and women.

The much anticipated NMD_XR1 Duck Camo Pack features 5 different camo models and is expected to launch on Black Friday:


Photo: Akam1k3

Written by Madeleine Holth for YME


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