Meet The Norwegian It Couple Shaping Scandi Fashion

Lea Meyer and Henrik Holm might look like a your average cute couple at first, but there is more to them than meets the eye. The couple are touted as the Johnny Depp and Kate Moss of Norway, and were the toast of the town at the latest edition of Oslo Runway, where we caught up with them to talk about style, acting, and their relationship.

Aside from an excellent sense of style (and Meyer’s angelic features and Holm’s rock’n’roll demeanour) the couple have a shared interest in acting – not to mention the added bonus of the ultimate #relationshipgoal credentials to boot.



Their tale is a classic one: they crossed paths at a cafe where Holm was working between acting jobs. “I kept trying to man up to talk to her, and one day while Lea was doing her homework in the corner of the cafe, my little brother came in with his friend. Turns out our younger brothers are best friends and that became my talk-to-Lea card,” explains Holm. The ultimate meet cute.

Meyer smiles as he speaks, adding how it was his kindness and polite demeanour that attracted her to him. “Obviously I thought he was handsome too,” she adds.


From the outside looking in, these two have an incredible bond. Their eyes are drawn to each other like magnets; their admiration clear and deep.

As for style, Holm’s errs on the laid-back side of rock’n’roll, heavily influenced by the Seventies, delicately juxtaposed with elements from the contemporary fashion sphere. “It’s so hard trying to describe Henrik’s style,” says Meyer, “I can’t even describe my own. He’s influenced by so many different eras and he has such a strong eye for detail.”


“Lea has a playful, Scandi-cool style,” Holm offers. “Colour is something she’s so good at; using them and layering them. She takes my breath away.”

Aside from fashion, acting is a shared passion of theirs. “Henrik has been doing it a longer than I have, so it is nice to get his advice when I have auditions,” explains Meyer. Holm is quick to add that he too turns to her for advice, “it’s nice to spar back and forth with something we’re both so passionate about.”


Holm is being coy, of course. He has risen to fame for his role in SKAM, the Norwegian teen drama series said to rival (surpass, even) Skins. Meyer on the other hand is no stranger to the catwalk, having first appeared on the runway at age 15, but is currently pursuing acting. Will we see them on screen soon? Here’s hoping. Until then, we can admire their street style talents. Not that we’re complaining.

Written for Vogue UK / Conde Nast 2017.


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