Best of Oslo Runway

best of | oslo runway

Oslo Runway is Norway’s very own fashion week and with just over a million citizens residing in the capital, this small country exudes personality and gumption through their very own design aesthetic and visual identity. Copenhagen and Stockholm have for many years paved the way for Scandinavian design and has portrayed a certain aesthetic that is thought to be unified throughout the Scandinavian landscape. However, Oslo Runway is different and exhibited their best designers all loyal to their own aesthetic and ideas — creating their own sphere of creativity, separated from the aforementioned cities. Schön has picked the top seven designers to watch for SS19 from Oslo Runway.

Eva Emanuelsen is the mastermind behind Epilogue and is a familiar name on the Oslo Runway calendar. Her collection offered strong masculine shapes, tied together with geometrical pleating and irregular hemlines. Eva is a genius when it comes to sourcing fabrics and, for this season, she also included several full-leather looks drawing similarities to Trinity from the Matrix. Her collections feel feminine and strong, yet never vulgar.