Simple silhouettes have always been a key factor in the ethos of MARINE SERRE which parallels with her undeniable obsession with couture-like structural clothing. For SS20, Marine Serre presented her collection Marée Noire like a darker version of the existing Marine Serre, but still very much on-brand for the young French designer.

The show took place just outside the pumping city centre of Paris in the pouring rain with a dark, dystopian, all-black range of clothing opening the show. Marine Serre has ventured into menswear for this forthcoming season, and even though it appeared to be complementing the womenswear side of the collection, it couldn’t take the attention away from her womenswear, which for this season embodied scuba suits and tailored ensembles in blood red, paralleled with even darker accessories like facemasks and chains. Her signature crescent moon print was toned down this season – perhaps it was a response to the overexposure she’s seen from her recent NIKE collaboration and heavy crescent moon printed collections in the past, however, her iconic print was still vaguely visible through stockings and embossed leather coats.

Marine Serre is a storyteller and she isn’t afraid to go off-topic either, the collection featured futuristic ideas of ventilated facemasks, juxtaposed with hippie-style crochet pieces and intrusive 80s jewellery in pearls and gold. But that’s the charm of Marine Serre, she has quickly become a favourite all across the world for her unorthodox take on modern femininity which quite frankly demands a wide array of ideas and stories. To understand Marine Serre’s work all you have to do is sit back and watch because its a spectacle of its own, even when its dark and at times frightening like today.

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