For SS20, JUNYA WATANABE’s idea of the classic trench coat was far away from its generic and mundane original design. He proved, yet again, that he works beyond the borders of recontextualisation and innovation with his reiteration of the classical trench coat framing this season.

Fragments of a simple and classic trench coat could be seen in every single garment that came down the runway. Leggings and jersey pieces were presented in nuances of neon green, pink, red and kumquat orange. The bold colour palette complemented the myriad of khaki gabardine pieces in the collection perfectly.

Junya Watanabe presented one of this season’s most cohesive collections with clarity and precise execution, as not a single item of clothing appeared as an odd one out. Through dichotomised trench coats with maximalist storm flaps, the collection featured familiar elements and revisited styles from the Watanabe archives, such as the subtle presence of military-style trousers to his now-iconic parachute garments.

Gold chunky chain necklaces and plum-sized pearl accessories complemented the looks, however, the accessories could not compete next to the clothes that gave Junya Watanabe fans a whole new perspective of the brand proving that Japanese clothes are not always black and filled with underlying ideas and messages. They can also be vibrant, beautiful and colourful.

Written by Madeleine Holth for LOVE Magazine


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