Music has always held a key place in the work of YANG LI, his collections are often filled with music references that have shaped his aesthetic and creative vision since he came on the scene in 2012. Last year, Yang Li presented a virtual fashion show, where he had dressed friends, musicians and muses in his latest collection and had them post an image on INSTAGRAM at a specific time so it would all look like a runway show through your endless scroll on Instagram.

For SS20, Yang Li presented his collection titled Greatest Hits: Automatic Show II at La Gaîté Lyrique. The show was a part concert, part visual experience through the digital projections mirrored in a 360 view across the venue in collaboration with SHOWstudio and AGUSTA YR, the show also featured a live performance by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Instead of constantly renewing himself, Yang Li revisited some of his most iconic styles of clothing for SS20, reproducing them yet again to underline the brands coming of age story over the course of the past 7 years. The collection was shown on 3D scanned models that wore glossy fetishistic latex ensembles, thick all-leather looks paralleled with traditional Yang Li silhouettes like the biker jacket. Cobalt blue pleated skirts partnered with sheer chiffons shirts offered a sense of feminity and depth amongst the dark-hued collection. There was nothing new about the collection because it was merely his greatest hits. But then again, Yang Li’s greatest hits are so good.

Written by Madeleine Holth for LOVE Magazine



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