Louise Trotter has managed to take LACOSTE out of the beige and white country club aesthetic and turned the brand into something effortlessly chic and modern, this time through an 80s-style colour palette and silhouette.

Lacoste’s SS20 collection featured a number of exiting elements from the larger-than-life storm flaps on the coats, to heavy knitted piquet shirts in colour-blocked nuances of yellow, green, red and blue. Lacoste is a sporty brand, but Trotter stretches the ideas of athletic wear to the absolute limits by incorporating luxurious leather and thick woven tops to match the sporty and colourful collection. She even exhibits their iconic logo by using the infamous crocodile emblem in fun and eye-catching ways, all without gimmick or mockery.

Trotter delivered a sophomore collection she should be proud of, the collection stayed true to the Lacoste ethos, yet she has given the brand the timely push towards the future, all by recontextualising simple silhouettes, drawing inspiration from athletic solutions and incorporating them in a luxury context.

Only Trotter can put sweatpants, in their truest form on the runway and make it look chic, she is talented and understands consumers better than most designers, perhaps that’s something she picked up while designing for Joseph or The Gap? The co-ed and primarily monochrome collection featured subtle nods to the items that made Lacoste who they are as a brand with new versions of Lacoste classics like woven piquet shirts and tennis skirts, that are now floor length for extra drama.

Written by Madeleine Holth for LOVE Magazine


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