By the time this collection hit retailers worldwide, NASA will have launched its most progressive mission to Mars in history, however, the RAF SIMONS AW20 collection is already fully integrated into life on a new planet.

What would life look like on another planet, and what would we wear? These questions appear to be on Raf Simons’ mind currently and his AW20 collection looked at the pieces of clothing that will last a lifetime and the ones we would leave behind if we were to find a new planet and a new home. These, meaning the highly trusted RS logo patches and bold graphics we are used to seeing from the Belgian designer, were eliminated for this collection.

Raf Simons has always designed with a strong underlying sense of social commentary, however, the message behind this collection was a bit too obvious. The ‘Solar Youth’ and the ‘Life on Mars’ graphic muffs were a definite nod to our current climate issues, the large glowing planet that lit up the runway and silver foil turtlenecks were also underlining his vision. Even though the collection was primarily set in simple, and at times mundane combinations of suits and turtlenecks and/or knitted jumpers in a variety of colours, spanning from navy blue, raspberry pink, black and grey, the pieces were constructed to perfection in a silhouette that is oversized and very archetypical Raf Simons. The collection also presented tuxedo and suit iterations paired with the poncho and long Blade Runner-style trenchcoats, several outfits were also topped off with restrictive plastic body wraps and boat neck shawls.

For AW20, Raf Simons also presented a range of interplanetary-inspired shoes for his latest independent footwear line RUNNER, which consisted of eight new footwear styles, merging boots and dissected sneaker soles, creating an interesting new interpretation of the sneaker-boot hybrid titled Orion, Solaris and Cylon to name a few.


Written by Madeleine Holth for Love Magazine

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