RALPH & RUSSO’s couture collections have always been soft on the eyes and for SS20 their charming works of art portrayed femininity and grace as the models glided down the runway. This season, the designers opted for a muted palette of pastels and candy colours, paired with bright jabs of lime green and cyan.

Appliqué and embellishments have always been the brand’s strong suit, and this collection was no exception. Sequins and flowers were plastered on close to every single look, offering glamour and an undeniable sense of luxury, whilst showcasing pristine craftsmanship. The show-stopping look from the collection was their silk jacquard coat in cyan blue and blush pink, featuring gold embroidery and feather appliqué. The coat felt modern, yet traditional, whilst still carrying a purpose on the runway, rather than just being a pretty piece of art, it said something about modern women wearing couture and what they need – which is variety.

The collection was evenly distributed with two-piece and one-piece ensembles consisting of suits, dresses, skirt and bar jacket combinations, offering much-needed variety in the 48-look couture collection.

The brand offered a wide array of concepts, which did divide the looks rather than bring them together in unison as a whole collection. The concepts ranged from classic Hollywood glamour to ancient Chinese fabric techniques and Japanese sakura embellished fabrics paired with fringed hemlines. The clothes will surely appear on red carpets and hang in enviable couture archives around the world, but for now, all we can do is to admire what is presented in front of us: charming works of wearable embellished art.

Written by Madeleine Holth for Love Magazine


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