ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER’s haute couture is sexy with capital S. For his SS20 collection, the designer looked at recontextualising pret-a-porter in a couture frame of work. The collection consisted of your quintessential Vauthier manifestations like skin, legs and cut-outs, this time the couture was set in a colour scheme of black, gold and white, with faint accents of strawberry red, yellow and blush pink.

Alexandre Vauthier is a ballsy designer, in which he sends clothes down the runway that you can find in high street shops right this second, remember, this is couture week. Marching down the runway, the models wore uncomplicated blazers and cotton t-shirts, but these generic pieces were not the vanguards for his SS20 collection. The feather turned floral ensemble carried the collection on its shoulders, a breathtaking figuration that merged volume, texture, technique and luxury into one tantalising entity. Alexandre Vauthier has a notable way of taking couture out of the dated ballrooms and gala events by creating couture that is meant to be worn, over and over again, even in the day-to-day life. It’s it-girl couture at its finest, with sequins, embellishments, cascading razor-cut ruffles and did we already mention legs? It’s clothes that turn heads on the street, upscale versions of clothing you might already possess. For this season, masculine compositions of suits and tuxedos reigned next to dresses that frankly can’t get any shorter.

For this SS20 couture collection, Vauthier also used elements of harem-inspired trousers and jumpsuits – of course, taken out of context and reimagined from a couturiers standpoint. Alexandre Vauthier’s couture is fabulous, feminine, sexy and entertaining to watch, it’s couture targeted towards the new buyers on the horizon, the young and rich it-girls.

Written by Madeleine Holth for Love Magazine

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