With the #FreeBritney movement in full effect, the Sex and the City reunion on the horizon and lowrise jeans trending on TikTok, the late ‘90s and early ‘00s appear to be coming back this season. The most dominant fashion theory in terms of cyclical trends is the 20-year rule. What was cool and popular in the early 2000s are back, give or take a few years. This is precisely what Blumarine thinks too. This season Nicola Brognano presented an array of looks that harkens back to late ‘90s and early 00s starlets. Think Britney, Christina, Mandy and Brandy on red carpets. Fur collared cardigans and boleros in baby colours partnered with printed flare jeans (some embellished with rhinestones) traversed down the black runway set as the models kept a resting bitchy look on their faces that worked perfectly with the starlet theme of the collection. 

Mega-cowboy buckles encrusted with rhinestones graced the models lowrise jeans and some were partnered with broken lace string tops. Lil Kim’s iconic nipple pastie look also appeared to make a comeback, through a sheer dress with butterfly pasties signed Blumarine. Through the use of staples from the era like boleros and sixpences, the collection felt young, bitchy and sexy, in true Mean Girls form. And for the costume department for the Sex and the City reunion, Blumarine is a most definitely great place to start.

Written by Madeleine Holth for The Perfect Magazine

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