For AW21, Marine Serre presented her forthcoming collection titled ‘Core’ with an emphasis on the house codes that she has established over her three-year presence on the fashion week calendar. There is, however, no fashion in the Marine Serre presentation. The designer despises the term and for this season, the designer further explored themes of recycling and couture techniques applied to everyday clothes. 

The presentation, shown on her homepage, explored themes of human interaction in lockdown with an emphasis on the moments that can take a day from normal, to extraordinary. Marine Serre is deeply invested in the relationship with her fans; her crescent moon print long sleeve tops have reached monolithic heights in the realms of trend and her iconic print isn’t going anywhere just yet. The core of Marine Serre relies on the relationship with the earth and the people that deeply identifies with the brand.

The collection featured upcycled silk scarves sewn back together to make full ensembles in earthy tones paralleled with red accents. Signature close-to-body pieces, featuring her crescent monogram, appeared across a number of looks, further strengthening the core of the collection which was a reference to themselves and what they have done for the past three years. Embossed leather and recycled denim-on-denim ensembles dominated the masculine looks, while the upcycled cut and sew cotton band t-shirt looks this season gave the collection an edge amongst antique tablecloth tops and fringed blanket skirts. 

This season, Marine Serre is not tackling the extraterrestrial, nor the dystopian. She does however go as far as to look at how humans interact with her clothes to celebrate her three years of Marine Serre.

Written by Madeleine Holth for The Perfect Magazine

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