When speaking of Molly Goddard, tulle is an intrinsic part of her brand ethos and one of her deepest footprints in the world of fashion design, but for AW21, Goddard didn’t rely on extreme volumes of tulle to grab the attention of the audience. This season, the designer appeared to focus her attention on creating looks for the people she has not seen in over a year, casual people shopping at outdoor markets, librarians, musicians and so forth. Yes, there was an array of tulle looks with the final look needing more than 13 meters of tulle to produce – but this season wasn’t about shocking people with larger than life ensembles, because people can’t go anywhere in them at this point in time. 

Shades of red, pistachio and ice blue ruled the tulle looks, whilst subdued colours of grey and navy calmed the collection down in between the archetypical Goddard looks, her take on tailoring and pristine Fair Isle knitwear. Dressing up can be a joyous act, and Goddard knows this – but for AW21 the designer created a collection fit for cosplaying real-life characters in their natural habitat before Covid-19 hit.

Written by Madeleine Holth for The Perfect Magazine

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