Cosima and Christa of Ottolinger have since the inauguration of their brand in 2015 championed the art of craftsmanship, whether that be tar tipped accessories, ceramic bags or intricate crochet pieces – the girls know a thing or two about DIY. This season, Ottolinger looked through the binoculars of a world in crisis when they designed their latest collection, which was shown in what appeared to be Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Riverbed’ artwork (only this presentation was strictly 3D). 

Signature Ottolinger bodycon pieces were displayed with their artist collaboration of the season, Cheyenne Julien’s figurative paintings, which explore themes of ethnic inequality. Hues of mustard, pine and bubblegum pink appeared across outerwear and wool knitwear this season, while feather piping made its surprise return from the ‘90s. 

This season, Ottolinger refers to their knitwear as ‘healing’, which works thematically perfect with the zeitgeist of comforting multi-purpose clothes. Exaggerated proportions in the puffer coats and boots this season further explored themes of a world in crisis with its shielding purposes. Ottolinger’s wardrobe looked at how clothes will mutate over time and how garments can evolve, like seen in their tailoring and dresses this season, featuring clay accents and puffer straps on the chest. Ottolinger AW21 is fundamentally a grand tale of both realism and futural magic; a melding of past-reinterpretation and futuristic ideas.

Written by Madeleine Holth for The Perfect Magazine

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