Romanticism and the memory of touch ruled the Marni AW21 collection this season. Francesco Risso channelled just this through his 41-look collection, which saw Mykki Blanco and Paloma Elsesser starring in the presentation. 

Marni AW21 saw spot bleach techniques across a number of looks, including a ruffle front shirt like seen on Mykki Blanco in look 37. Pointy Converse-esque shoes nodded to the ‘90s and tongue in cheek applique of cans of soda, necklaces and hair brought a sense of humour to the collection which this season featured more wearable pieces than we’re used to seeing from Risso. The undeniable hero this season was the exaggerated proportions found in their puffer poncho coats and mega handbags that exceeded every carry on measurement requirements known to man. Silk ruffle ball skirts were partnered with half-zip knitted jumpers and jersey sweatshirts. The sense of romanticism in the collection didn’t rely on human touch, but merely on how clothes interact with your own body, it can be as simple as the gentle touch of a garment, which again was confirmed through the collections many crochet pieces and lastly, the piece de resistance for AW21, a cellophane dress in holographic silver held on by a diamante necklace and a spoon. Flimsy? Perhaps. Effective in the digital age? Most definitely.

Written by Madeleine Holth for The Perfect Magazine

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