This season, Per Götesson explored themes of fragile masculinity and demi-couture pieces through the use of his favourite material, namely denim. Götesson is undoubtedly a master at upcycling and this season was no different. Linings from Royal Air Force jackets metamorphosed into elegant coats, broken down denim got spliced with cargo trousers and familiar memories of workwear were not as they seemed this season. Seashells adorned the accessories and even with just 8 looks to the lookbook, Götesson hit a jackpot on all counts. 

Instead of feeling like a traditionally themed collection that plays on references, Götesson takes the idea of the collage and applies it to fashion production with garments that are frayed, broken and barely put back into place, a memory of a garment and what it once was. Legendary producer Visionist modelled this season’s collection from Götesson, parading in the wild forest as if he was searching for someone or something. The choice of using Visionist as a model may reflect the music the producer has been producing for the past 10 years, hymns of fragile masculinity, which also stood as a main theme of the collection this season. 

Written by Madeleine Holth for The Perfect Magazine

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