madeleine-holth-ph_martine-stenberg-02Photo: Martine Stenberg

I’m Madeleine Holth, a 27 year old Norwegian fashion and creative arts journalist based in Oslo, Norway. I have over 7 years of writing experience and enjoy all parts of the creative editorial process.

I studied Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion and had my work experience at The Sunday Times Style. I am currently withholding the position as Online Fashion Features Editor for Nero Journal. I’m also the first fashion journalist to ever have her own full ready to wear capsule collection with a designer and then to have it headline at Oslo Runway.

I have freelanced for Hypebeast, Vogue UK, VICE UK, Highsnobiety, Recens, SVA Magazine, NSS Mag, Clique Mag, Iron Man Magazine, Dry Magazine, Nero Journal, and many more.

I’m specialised in the fashion and arts segment and wish to preserve the global idea that a free press is a fundamental element in our democratic society, even if I write about fashion. I give critique when its needed and write analytical and investigative pieces, based on my vast experience in the field.

Personally, I’m strongly drawn to streetwear, hip hop references, youth culture and the social growth of subcultures in fashion. My personal taste is somewhat maxi-minimalist, this can easily be seen in my love for collecting Comme Des Garcons and Margiela pieces. I also collect sneakers and my vast knowledge in sneaker history and sneaker culture has given me the opportunity to work with many sportswear brands on a global scale.

I write everything from advertisement, advertorials, articles, brand profiles and long-read features – but I also advice up-and-coming brands on communication strategy and identity. My Instagram has over 23k followers and 100k exposures a week.

– Madeleine Holth.


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